The following are ten ways of behaving and propensities for Donald Trump that have been much of the time condemned by his doubters:

Use of Social Media: One major area of criticism directed towards Trump was his frequent and frequently contentious use of Twitter. At times, his tweets were seen as impetuous, provocative, and unworthy of a president.

Disparaging Remarks: Trump has a history of making disparaging remarks about a variety of people and organizations, including foreign leaders, journalists, and political rivals.

Fact-Checking: Trump's detractors have charged that he routinely makes inaccurate or misleading claims. Fact-checking groups have found multiple occasions in which his claims were untrue.

Interrupting Others: Many people felt that Trump's frequent interruptions of his opponents and moderators during debates and interviews were impolite and insulting.

Personal Attacks: Trump has a track record of attacking opponents and critics personally, frequently concentrating on their intelligence, attractiveness, or private affairs.

Conflict of Interest: Trump was accused of having conflicts of interest during his presidency since he did not completely give up his economic holdings, which raised questions about possible influences on his policy choices.

Absence of Compassion: Pundits contend that Trump frequently showed an absence of compassion, especially in his reactions to catastrophic events, civil rights developments, and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sabotaging Organizations: Trump has been blamed for subverting popularity based establishments and standards, including going after the media, scrutinizing the authenticity of races, and excusing legal decisions.

Encouraging Division: Many have condemned Trump for encouraging division and polarization in the nation, frequently utilizing way of talking that sets various gatherings in opposition to one another.