New Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z देगी Yahama MT15 और KTM390 Duke को टक्कर वो भी कम दाम में

bajaj pulsar ns400

मार्केट में आग लगाने आ गया है New Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z जो Yahama MT15 और KTM390 Duke को उससे भी कम दाम में देगी टक्कर और अगर आपका बजट 2 लाख तक है और आप high power इंजन capacity वाला bike लेना चाहते हो तो आप Yahama MT15 और KTM390 Duke को छोड़कर New Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z ले सकते हो।

Bajaj Auto, एक भारतीय मोटरसाइकिल निर्माता, अपने Pulsar Series के लिए प्रसिद्ध है, जिसमें NS200, NS160, NS125 आदि जैसे विभिन्न मॉडल शामिल हैं। वे अक्सर नए मॉडल और अपडेट पेश करते हैं,

तो चलिए आपको हम बताते है की आपको New Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z क्यों लेनी चाहिए ?

Unique Design

Projector Headlamps With Signature Lighting Bolts DRLs

Lead With Style: Signature Lighting Bolts DRLs set a stunning new standard in design,paired with powerfull projector headlamps for brilliant illumination.

new bajaj pulsar NS400Z
Image-bajajauto new bajaj pulsar NS400Z

Engine Power

40PS Peak Power

Experience exhilarating top speeds and unmatched performance, set by a robust 373cc engine delivering 40 PS (29.42 kW) peak Power

and 35Nm of peak Torque—raising the bar for power and precision.

Image -Bajaj Auto
Image- Bajajauto ,pulsar ns400 engine power


ये पहली बाइक है जिसमे आपको कार की तरह अलग अलग राइडिंग Modes मिलते है

Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z  Four ride modes—Road, Rain, Sport, Off-Road

adapt power and ABS for peak performance and safety across any terrain, from city streets to rugged trails.

pulsar ns400 engine power
Image-Bajajauto,pulsar ns400

Connected Console

Stay hooked and in control with the Bluetooth console. Navigate, manage tunes, handle calls, and

time your laps—all from a sleek bonded glass LCD panel.

bajaj pulsar ns400
Image-Bajajauto,bajaj pulsar ns400

Aggressive muscular streetfighter styling

Inspired by the dynamic & muscular spirit of the Pulsar NS DNA with floating panels embodying the aggressive & sporty character of the muscular street fighter. The completely new front identity, featuring a signature lightning bolt DRL, exudes a bold and aggressive character.

bajaj pulsar ns400
Image-BajajAuto,bajaj pulsar ns400

Aerodynamic, Light & Agile

Taking inspiration from fighter jets, Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z  is designed to glide effortlessly, thanks to an all-new aerodynamic design with shorter wheelbase and lighter panels

bajaj pulsar ns400
Image-Bajajauto,bajaj pulsar ns400

Stylish graphics

Eye-catching and irresistible, this NS400 boasts sleek graphics, dynamic decals, champagne gold coloured USD forks, sleek and striking ‘NS400’ callout, and bold carbon fibre accents —style that commands attention.

bajaj pulsar ns400
Image-Bajajauto,bajaj pulsar ns400

New Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z price

Ex showroom price Delhi for Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z is 1 85 000/-*

bajaj pulsar ns400
Image-Bajajauto,bajaj pulsar ns400


1.What are the advanced/ new features that PulsarNS400 has that previous Pulsars haven’t had ?

First Pulsar with Ride By Wire,Bonded Glass Instrument Console,Hazard Lamp,Ride Modes with ABS modes


2.What are the distinctive features that PulsarNS400 have, that competitors in the segment don’t?

This Pulsar packs the latest tech and features, delivering unbeatable value for money. Its price-to-performance ratio is simply unmatched in its class.


3.What is the price for Pulsar NS400?

Ex showroom price Delhi for Pulsar NS400 is 1 85 000/-*


4.How many colours are there in Pulsar NS400?

There are 4 colour options – Brookyln Black, Glossy Racing Red, Pewter Grey and Pearl Metallic White


5.What is the engine capacity of Pulsar NS400 and power figures?

Pulsar NS400 is powered by 373 cc engine generating 29.41 kW(40 PS) Power @8500 rpm


6.What is the torque figure of Pulsar NS400 ?

Pulsar NS400 generates 35 Nm Torque @7000 rpm


bajaj pulsar ns400
Image-Bajajauto,bajaj pulsar ns400



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